The Events of Revelation

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Hello saints in Yahushua!

My family and I wanted to thank everyone who has already signed up for the new Global Prayer Warriors website, we are steadily climbing towards half a thousand members in 5 days!!! All praise to the King of kings Yahushua, and the power of prayer through His people! We already have seen two prayers answered because of those coming together in unity to pray. Please do send your answered prayers and praise reports in, and we are working on a separate tab just for these. 

If you have not signed up, please do so as soon as possible as we have so much to pray for and so many who are lost and in need of intervention from fellow brothers and sisters in Yahushua. It only takes a couple extra minutes after you have prayed for someone's intentions to click that box below their request saying you have prayed for them. I can't stress enough how important it is to let people know others are praying for them. There are those who are writing who are desperate and feel there is no one to turn to, and those who are new in their relationship and need the support and encouragement of stronger believers to help them in their journey. At some point, as Father leads we plan on helping to bring people together through this site to form individual groups that pray together and help grow each other in Yahushua. This is only the beginning!

Also, a reminder to all those who have previously signed up for the 24 hour prayer calendar; if there is some reason you are not able to keep your commitment to pray for the hour you signed up for, then make sure to send a note to our moderator at meetmeinthegarden4prayer to change or discontinue your time. We want to make sure the calendar is always filled. Currently, every hour of every day of the week is full with someone praying for the lost. 

Thank you everyone, always, for your ongoing support, love and prayers, and we send our love and prayers to you!

Julie and family