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Mark 4:11-12 King James Version (KJV)

11 And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:
12 That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.

Message received June 29, 2019

I have set in order a plan for My creation, a process of enlightenment through continual sanctification, obedience, and discipline, a process to bring each one to the maturity and understanding of knowing the true essence of I AM. I AM is the Source of all things, known and unknown. I AM encompasses all things, governs all things, reigns over all things, and is the wellspring from which is gained wisdom that only comes from above, from Me.

I have made known truth by coming in the flesh, living the perfect example of how you acquire spiritual maturity and are also given access to My Kingdom, walking in the fullness of your purpose, ruling and reigning with Me, as you transform into the sons and daughters of the Most High. 

The quest here for you is awakening to who you are in Me, and who I AM is in you. For you see, the very essence of I AM has been encoded in your DNA. As you journey towards deeper and deeper intimacy with Me, walking by faith and not by sight, walking in obedience and surrender to My will, I strip away more and more of the fallen nature in which you reside. As this occurs, in each step you take and every thought taken captive, where darkness has been removed, My light floods in. An activation occurs within your cells, and they become attuned to a higher frequency, more and more in harmony with Me. As this progressing work continues, you are made more and more into My likeness, and there must be a response in the natural to the change taking place in the spiritual. For every action there is a reaction, and this is how you shift that which is around you, raising not only awareness in your inner man, but shifting the environment around you as light invades darkness. Hence you can understand My words, 'on earth as it is in Heaven'. My perfect design.

I speak to you often of Kingdom perspective and how absolutely essential it is to mastery here in this life. To be carnally minded is death, to be spiritually minded is life eternal. Achieving mastery is what occurred when I gave My life on the Cross of Calvary, willingly laying it down of My own volition. I showed you how to be this extension of Our Father, in full surrender, allowing spirit to completely govern flesh even to the point of physical death, only to rise again so that all would know of the Great I AM. My resurrection was the evidence of My transcendence, leaving the physical realm to ascend back to My Father, anchoring here in this realm all that I AM, and all that We are as We are One. 

In order to attain the positions of sons and daughters in My Kingdom, this level of maturity must be attained. Those who walk under the fire of My Holy Spirit are granted the access to understanding the wisdom and knowledge, mysteries and deeper things of Yahuah. Keys to unlock mysteries are known, and doors opened that could not be opened unless the illumination of My Spirit resides within. Do you now understand why the indwelling of My Holy Spirit is the only way one can achieve transcendence? It is not sufficient to simply say one believes in Me to gain entrance to My Kingdom. Salvation is offered to those who believe, yes, but access to My Kingdom is reserved for those who come to maturity, those known as over-comers. There is a prize given to those who run towards the higher calling given from their Father, and rewards are given based on spiritual progression and achievement. Do not confuse this with works. Faith without activity manifested is as dead as the carnal mind, but  I am speaking to you about rewards given for continual forward active pursuance of My heart and My will. It is then that one is elevated to the positions I have reserved in My Kingdom, positions of power and authority as kings and priests to rule and reign as co-heirs. These are those who are hungry for Me, hungry to know Me intimately, hungry to allow Me to completely indwell and transform them, their hearts desire in complete harmony with Mine for them, which is Me ruling and reigning their heart, and the permission they have granted Me to manifest Myself in My perfection in and through them here. These are those who desire with all their heart to transcend this reality which is but a illusion, and merge into that which is the Source of all, the true reality in the eternal. 

For you see, what is perceived here from mans perspective as being 'real', is in essence, not the true reality. This is finite and temporal, with a beginning and an end. My Kingdom is eternal and your perspective in every moment is key to activating the I AM within. The more you see from My perspective and not from the limitations here in the temporal and those of your carnal mind, the more you become aware that that which is spiritual is far more influential and 'real' than that which is tangible. When I speak of the narrow way being difficult and the broad way being easy, there are more meanings to this. That which is able to be accessed by the senses (the soul nature) are far more easily accepted and identified with that that which is in the unseen. This is because of the veil under which you reside. Satan's plan is to deceive you into believing that what is tangible is real, and those things which you can see, feel, hear, touch are what you are to identify with. This is not My design. I AM is within, it is the presence of He who created you in your heart, and the perspective that you belong to Me, were made in My image, and are not citizens here. You are here to advance My Kingdom, to walk in your full potential, but satan has created a matrix of illusion that is so persuasive that most cannot see their way out of the illusion, and are therefore sucuumbing more and more to the darkness. This is why I teach repeatedly, with great urgency, the need to come out of the system, the need to detach yourself from this 'reality' in order that My still small voice can reach your inner spirit man. You cannot find this truth on your own, although satan has offered many, many deceptions in every area of your lives in order that you believe what he has offered is truth. As things progress now in these last days, I again warn you to be extremely cautious and diligent, praying for discernment constantly, that you are not deceived, as the battle that it is the cosmos and happening  inter-dimensionally is being brought to the earth. 

Those who do not come to this awareness of what I am speaking here will know a different reality after I bring My first-fruits into complete transcendence and harmony with Me, ahead of those who did not come to this knowing. You are spirit beings in a time/space dimension at a specific and finite point; here to awaken to this fact and act upon it, therefore altering the paradigm collectively. It is by choice that you accept your positions here or choose to be swept away by the illusion and the deception it brings. 

I have offered for each one to come to the fulness of the knowledge of his/her position here and the purposes ordained, and I have a small remnant who will be My governing body and they will rule the nations in the age to come. To whom much has been given, much has been required, but the requirements here in this life that one attains, afford that one to mastery in the next age. Great accountability and responsibility belong to those who will reign with Me. They will have dominion over people, places and areas of life to teach, keep order, and continually train those who did not previously come to this maturity. 

I speak to you of these deeper things in My Kingdom so that you will know the plans I have for My creation. It is all there in My Word, and wisdom is granted to those who seek it. I wish that none would be lost, none would be taken unawares, and so I lovingly teach you My will and My ways. It is always about choice however, and only those who choose and are in complete alignment with My heart will advance now as I come to gather collectively, for the first time since My ascension, My remnant governing body. 

There will then be a great work done on the earth as My Kingdom invades through this, My remnant, and My glory is manifested for all to witness. There will be no doubt whatsoever as to who the Great I AM is, and that I AM is in complete control. Nothing is out of order, I AM perfect order, and the chaos that occurs just before and as this invasion commences is designed to shake the hearts of those who are lost, in order that they would be saved. 

So you see, again, as from the worlds perspective, it appears hopeless and dark, out of control and devastating, I AM is making all things new. I AM has a plan to invade the hearts of men in a way that has never been done before. See this from My perspective! I have made a way for even the most distant of souls. I AM light but I also created the darkness. It has a purpose, and all that is upon you will reveal the lateness of the hour and the urgency wherein I speak. 


These mysteries revealed are crucial to your understanding and positioning as these things happen. I AM is here to counsel you in each step you take. 

ASK-SEEK-KNOCK and I will come in, I will INVADE every fiber of your being! There is nothing more important that this right now...NOTHING.



2 Timothy 2:21 King James Version (KJV)

21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.

John 4:13-14 

13 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:
14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

James 3:17 

17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

Revelation 20:4-6 

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.
Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

2 Corinthians 5:7 

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

Genesis 1:27 

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Matthew 6:10 

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Romans 8:6-10 

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.
But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.
10 And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.

Matthew 3:11-12 

11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:
12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

John 3:5-7 

Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

Jeremiah 1:5 

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Revelation 2:26 

26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

Revelation 3:12 

12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

Revelation 3:21 

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

Philippians 3:12-14 

12 Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.
13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Colossians 3:23-24 

23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

Hebrews 11:6 

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Romans 8:17 

17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

Revelation 1:6 

And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

Matthew 7:13-14 

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Luke 12:48 

48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

1 Corinthians 14:33 

33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Isaiah 45:7 

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Message received June 13, 2019

** The information that has been presented to you here is crucial; it is urgent. And, it is being given out of great mercy. Those who wish to have further revelation of what is about to happen on the earth will find much wisdom here if it is truly sought, and one is obedient to the commandments of our King. The mysteries once hidden are being revealed, and he who has ears to hear what the Spirit is saying- LET HIM HEAR. **

I am the Master Craftsman. I am redeemed from among men, born to a realm that fell into corruption in order to teach by example, the perfect way to align spirit with soul, mastery and govern-ship of one's spirit over flesh, that corruptible may be made incorruptible again, and the cellular origin of all creation merge and reunite with perfect Love itself.

I am now revealing the secret mysteries of My Kingdom, revealing My plan and perfect design to those who earnestly seek it. I speak at great lengths in My Word concerning My Kingdom and the requirements I have that qualifies one to partake of this Kingdom. 

To those who are intimate and born again of the fire of My Holy Spirit, I have purposed to be sons and daughters. By design, My Kingdom is just and set about in perfect order. There is My council of elders among the angels and saints, and as man's age and time comes to an end now, I will have My governing body comprised of kings and priests- those who will assist in keeping order, overseeing this earth and its matters, as well as encouraging and ministering to those who, because of choices made on their paths, have not been granted access to My Kingdom in the fullness of its glory, although they too will have important roles to fulfill. 

My mature elect have prepared themselves for service, and will therefore advance to their new assignments preceding the remaining body of My church. They have been through the fires of refinement and allowed the Master Craftsman to purge them of all that is of this world, a world in which they have never belonged. Their sacrifice has been great, and great will be their rewards. Their suffering will come to an end abruptly, as the remainder of My church enters their greatest labors for the Kingdom during the tribulation of the earth under the judgment that is set. Many do not realize that this tribulation is for My church- to awaken them to truth, to shake their very foundations, as what they have stood on as foundation is merely sinking sand. 

There are realms of Glory in My Kingdom and only those who have overcome in this test of life advance to the highest realm as My governing body. Your destinies hold a reward, the fruit of what you have sown here. Those who learned of their purpose and have walked in it will ascend into that which has been prepared for them. To some, I have already confirmed their identities and positions in this new season. 

Those who have not yet awakened to their purpose and who have not allowed Me full access to their lives will, after I remove My jewels, have the opportunity to step into a greater awareness of the fullness of all that I have ordained for them, but yet, with great challenges and persecution that has never been seen before on the earth. 

It is delusion and deception to believe I will suddenly and instantly remove everyone who believes in Me, as not all are of the same maturity. Therefore, the outcome must be different for those who did not invest in our relationship here. I came to teach mastery and only a very small remnant have achieved this. I love each one, however, and offer various levels of glory and further experience for those who are My disciples until wisdom is gained, and then, one is permitted to move forward into a greater level of understanding and experience. 

Various assignments are purposed for each one who is Mine, and the recognition of these assignments comes through refining by fire. There are those who have learned this earlier than others, and are therefore prepared to enter their next season, while others who comprise the larger portion of My church will be refined now by the judgments upon the earth. All are loved unconditionally, and all will continue to grow and mature and learn of Me throughout the ages. It is a matter of dividing now those who prepared earlier from those who did not. 

There are deeper and deeper meanings to all I have written in My Word as a light for you. And when I say I have gone to prepare a place for you, know that this place is a state of being, a realm of glory parallel to the obedience that you have walked in here. This experience will be based on your depth of intimacy with Me, and not all will have a similar experience. It is in fact, quite the contrary. For those who leave this earth in the physical, (physically die), yes, they will remain in a state of peace and joy and safety from evil. Yet, if they did not complete the assignment they were sent to accomplish here, they will have a period of training once again in order that the full understanding of their purpose is revealed and understood. They will not make up My first-fruits body as leaders, but when matured, will assume their roles and receive the rewards due them. 

For those who remain here after the translation of the governing body, once they have come to the realization of what has occurred, they will then be endowed with My strength and power in order that they finish their journey here in obedience, not denying My name or succumbing to the beast system. Their journey will be extremely difficult, as there will be much suffering on the earth, and many, as I have already told you, will die as martyrs during this time. 

The remaining group, if obedient, who have endured until I come for them and not been killed for My name's sake, will then suddenly be changed at My appearance, and will not taste death but rather transform into immortality with earth-based assignments, rather than Kingdom governing ones. 

For you see, I must separate, and I must divide, for there are those who are My Bride, and there are those who are My guests. There are those whom I am married to, whose marriage to Me will be consummated, while the invited guests will come to Our celebration after the consummation is complete a bit later. Let the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come".. (referring to the invitation of My Bride and Myself to Our guests to attend).

All of this is spoken in My Word. My Holy Spirit has and will reveal all to those who seek knowledge and wisdom. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Ignorance is not an excuse when truth has been provided. Each one is accountable for truth in this life. I urge you to study and meditate on My Word, as you will see all I speak of here is truth and it is upon you now. Wisdom, revelation and knowledge are for those who ask, who seek wholeheartedly, who forsake all in this life. I have made this clear in My Word. Man and the influence of the enemy is what has confused My intentions and My plan, veiling knowledge of that which is My desire for My people to have. 

The blueprint of My will for you is written on the hearts of those who enter into My Holy Spirit Fire baptism. You must be baptized in My Spirit. It is more than inviting My Holy Spirit to reside in you. Study and you will see and understand, praying that the eyes of your spirit be opened in this last hour. There is an anointing that comes with the Fire of My Spirit, and unless you divorce your relationship with man's rituals, customs and traditions, times, seasons and calendars, you will not have positioned yourself to receive all that is available to you. 

Truly, you stand on the precipice of a time like no other, a monumental pivot-point, where the age of man is ending and My millennial reign begins. Do you not wish to know what your position will be? 

The lessons you have been given here are a test, and until you have reached the desired maturity to walk in the completeness of all that has been purposed for you, you will continue to be presented with lessons and challenges. What you have invested in Our relationship here determines the direct outcome of your experience at any moment, as I take unto Myself My crown jewels. You were created to progress, to advance, and to accelerate further into My Heart, into a deeper and more intimate relationship as your journey progresses. It is about your growth and your movement, and many, many have missed this crucial understanding. Progress in maturity is the expectation, not complacency, lukewarmness, apathy and stagnation through compromise.

The fullness of My glory has been offered to all those created in My image, to none it is denied. It is a soul's choice how much of My glory they wish to experience here and directly after, as I am limitless. As I have taught you, only those who overcome in this life have access to My Kingdom. This revelation is beyond what the majority of My church has understood. 

Seek Me while I can be found. I urge you. Every moment counts. The more you allow Me to illuminate to you now, before chaos reigns on the earth, the better you will transition into that which has been prepared for you as a result of your obedience. Do you understand what I am saying? 

I have told you over and over- in a moment, ALL WILL SUDDENLY CHANGE and this change will be radical and irreversible. Life here will never be the same. In an instant, ALL WILL BE SHAKEN. The signs of the end of this age are everywhere. 

I do this out of My great love for My people, My church, My body of believers. I chastise those I love. It is for your growth and in your best interest, although many will struggle to see it this way when it is upon you. This is why I give you My words now, so you will have them, so you will be able to read them and see that I gave you the instructions beforehand. I taught you and I presented truth to you before all changes. It is mercy; it is love that emanates from My heart to My creation. 

Everything I do, I do out of love, as I AM love itself- infinite, eternal, limitless, unconditional love..


This is all for now, for those who did not previously have this understanding have been given much this day. 


Mark 4:11 King James Version (KJV)

11 And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

Colossians 1:26-27

26 Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:

27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

Jeremiah 29:13

13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Matthew 13:44

44 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.

Luke 18:29-30

29 And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or parents, or brethren, or wife, or children, for the kingdom of God's sake,
30 Who shall not receive manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting.

2 Thessalonians 1:5

5 Which is a manifest token of the righteous judgment of God, that ye may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which ye also suffer:

John 3:4-5 

4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?
5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

Matthew 7:21

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Luke 13:24-27

24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.
25 When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:
26 Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.
27 But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Matthew 13:24-30

24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:
25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.
26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.
27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?
28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?
29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.
30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Luke 22:29-30

29 And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me;
30 That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

1 Corinthians 3:13

13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.

Matthew 5:3

3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 21:43 

43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

1 Corinthians 6:2

2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

Revelation 1:6

6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

Jeremiah 9:7

7 Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts, Behold, I will melt them, and try them; for how shall I do for the daughter of my people?

Daniel 12:10

10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand

Romans 8:19

19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Luke 12:48

48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Galatians 6:7-9

7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

John 14:3 

3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

James 1:5

5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

Ephesians 1:17

17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

Romans 2:6
6 Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

Isaiah 32:1

32 Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment

Revelation 20:4

4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Daniel 7:21-22

21 I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;
22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.

Luke 19:17-19

17 And he said unto him, Well, thou good servant: because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over ten cities.
18 And the second came, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds.
19 And he said likewise to him, Be thou also over five cities.

Revelation 3:21

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne

Revelation 5:10

10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

Revelation 22:5 

5 And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

2 Kings 2:9

9 And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

Matthew 22:11

11 And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:

Revelation 19:9

9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

Revelation 22:12

12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

Revelation 22:17

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

James 1:5

5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

John 3:3-7

3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?
5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

Luke 3:16

16 John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:

Revelation 18:4

4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Jeremiah 51:44-45

44 And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall.
45 My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the Lord.

Revelation 3:16

16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Hebrews 12:6

6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

Hosea 4:6

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.