Monday, January 3, 2022


My husband and I both received dreams the night of 

Thursday, Dec. 29, 2021. 

I pray you are blessed and prepared for the arrival of our KING YAHUSHUA**

In my husband's dream, he was somewhere in a populated area and looting was taking place all around him. The crowds were very aggressive and openly robbing inside of stores and places of business. My husband stopped a man on the street to tell him that time was over, that he needed to pay attention to what was happening and repent, because Yahushua was coming. The man was not interested at all in listening. At that moment, the heavens opened up above my husband and the glory of the Lord appeared! My husband said to the man, " Do you see the heavens changing, and The Glory of The Lord manifesting?!" The man was not interested and other people just glared as if my husband was seeing things.  End of husband's dream.

In my dream, I was with my husband, oldest daughter and a few other leaders who had gone ahead into a wilderness location to prepare to minister to people. My two other daughters were traveling in the group but would be arriving a bit later. We had SUVs, trucks and vans full of resources and knew supernaturally where we were headed. As I looked behind me down the rustic road, I could see for miles and miles in the spirit. Thousands of people of all ages were traveling behind us on foot. They were being called to this place of meeting supernaturally to be ministered to, healed and delivered. They walked with purpose and had left everything behind. Most carried very little, as if somehow they knew, or had the faith to believe that Father would provide for all their needs. 

As we arrived at the designated location, my husband and a few men set up a very simple but large open area with a tent canopy and folding chairs. A small acoustic system and microphone were also available for those coming. We were to listen to their testimonies, and then allow the Spirit to move as Father led us. 

As people arrived, chairs were set-up, and then a couple of people started to give their testimonies. When they finished, someone in my extended family stood up to do the same. I recognized a few from my past, but mostly they were not people I knew. Several people spoke of how Father had been moving in their lives, but they all had one thing in common, and that was they desired a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him but did not know how to go about acquiring this. They spoke of the great struggles of this life, the need for deliverance, and the great pain and suffering they had been experiencing. It was very moving for sure.

One of the leaders, led by the Holy Spirit walked over to a man who had just given his testimony and touched him on the shoulder. The man was slain in the spirit and began speaking and crying in tongues. Then a woman fell to the ground and did the same. The Spirit then told me to touch the shoulder of my family member, and she fell to the ground sobbing and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. I knew this was going to continue for quite a while, as I had seen thousands walking from distant areas to this remote place. 

Suddenly, a man came up to me and whispered in my ear that I had to come with him, that my dad had passed, and I had to take care of things for my family back 'at home.' I began the long walk back down the road alone, passing by all the people who were coming towards the wilderness meeting place. Some were shouting, "don't leave, we need you here!", and some were trying to give me food, water and blankets. However, I didn't need anything or have any physical needs, as I had been transformed. I just smiled at them and kept walking. 

When I woke up, I asked Father to explain to me what He was conveying about my dad, as he had passed many years ago. Yahushua said that he represented those who were hard-hearted and resistant, those who did not travel to this location to receive the gift of the Spirit that was being poured out. My dad represented those who had to be sought out individually. He also said my father represented those who were going to be martyred for Yahushua's name, and that I was being called back home (representing the earthly realm) to minister and witness to a different group of people. This, I would do one on one, as well as in larger groups, but in this particular instance, I would be by myself with the power of Father in and through me. My dad's passing in the dream also indicates there are those who are still dead to Christ and won't be ready to receive Him at the time of the first transformation. Those who are transformed first will minister to those in this category, as well as many others Father sends us to help. 

My family in Yahushua. It is upon us!!! Come precious Yahushua!! We are ready!!!

I would also like to take a moment to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given towards our purpose here. Thank you for your financial support, resources, gifts, cards and notes, and all of your prayers and encouragement- smiles and love that you have poured out on me and my family along the way. We can't wait to meet each of you in the Kingdom, and now, we can look forward to doing that imminently!!! How exciting to share this calling with all of you of advancing Yahushua's Kingdom here! May you all be blessed beyond measure, surrounded by His holy angels, and ministered to directly until He comes to take us home! See you very, very soon! 

In Yahushua with much love to you all,