Saturday, January 20, 2024


Dear family in Yahushua!

I wanted to share an excerpt from a beautiful book I read recently called "The Revelation of the Magi" by Brent Landau. It is an ancient manuscript that has been hidden for centuries in the vaults of the Vatican library, but now has been translated into English for the first time. The book is from the Magi's perspective of the Christ Child who is incarnating as King and Messiah, and who will fulfill all prophecies written of Him. This first excerpt below is when the Star, who the Magi understand to be Yahushua Himself, descends into the Cave of Treasures and speaks to them. The Cave is thought to be where Adam and Eve lived out their days after banishment from the Garden of Eden, and where Seth placed tablets of hidden mysteries, as he was instructed by Father, to be found at a later date. The Magi, after being led by this Star into the Cave of Treasures, receive an epiphany from the Star that they had been following:

"And when it had concentrated itself, it appeared to us in the bodily form of a small and humble human, and he said to us: "Peace to you, sons of my hidden mysteries." And again, we were astonished by the vision, and he said to us: "Do not doubt the vision that you have seen, that there has appeared to you that ineffable light of the voice of the hidden Father of heavenly majesty. And again, (do not doubt that ) it appeared to you to concentrate its light in its rays, or that it appears to you in the form of a small, humble and unworthy human, because indeed, the inhabitants of the world cannot bear to see the glory of the only Son of the Father of majesty, unless it appeared for them in the form of their world. And again, other signs shall appear in it, which are hidden and (would be) shameful for the heavenly majesty, for the sake of the redemption of the lives of human beings, because my Father has loved them that they should not perish by the error in which they have persisted. And again, I will perfect the love the of the Father, even unto the death of a cross. For the sake of their salvation, I will descend to raise them up with me in love and indivisible peace if they shall believe in me without doubt, and give thanks, and glorify through me the Father of that glorious majesty who sent me for their salvation. And, I have loved them that they may not perish by the error in which they have persisted. And therefore, since I have appeared to them in the fullness of all the times, they have no excuse for their offenses unless they repent and believe in me. And also you, everything that you were commanded by your father, and everything that you learned from the mysteries of the hidden mysteries of the light of the star that you have been waiting to see, behold, he himself has (now) told you about himself as you are able to hear. And you will believe without doubt, seeing in me signs of many forms. And again, take with you the treasure that was deposited in this cave by your fathers and (continue in joy) and worship the (text missing): even now, as I am speaking with you, I am also there. Because my Gospel has been proclaimed by angels, I am both there and with the majesty of my Father. And I am everywhere, because I am a ray of light whose light has shone in this world from the majesty of my Father, who has sent me to fulfill everything that was spoken about me in the entire world and in every land by unspeakable mysteries, and to accomplish the commandment of my glorious Father, who by the prophets preached about me to the contentious house, in the same way as for you, as befits your faith, it was revealed to you about me. And I am going up with you and am a guide for you on the entire journey that you are traveling, seeing signs, glorious wonders, and great victories upon the entire earth. And you will see the completion of all the mysteries in Jerusalem, and everything that was spoken with you will come true for you. And again, you will see signs of humility, even a lowly and weak form, such that people will act boldly against me, and they will desire to do that which they plotted in deceit against me, and they will not be able to have (their goal) take place. But all that they do will be for their killing and their destruction, and the will of the Father shall be fulfilled for the sake of the salvation of the life of the whole world."

Another excerpt titled: The Father Speaks to the Magi

And while we were praising these things, suddenly a voice with much light and with unspeakable kindness came to our ears from the heavenly height of majesty, saying to us: "Everything that you have seen, and heard, and discussed, and had spoken to you, and (at which) behold, you are amazed, is (only) one drop of salvation from the house of (majesty). For there is no one who can know all the mysteries of singleness, except the one who is issued from the thought of the hiddenness of the Father. And no one knows the Father except the voice bringing forth the word of salvation, revealing the depth of hiddenness of the thought of the Father, in whom he is forever. And by the (same) voice and word the heavenly worlds and the lower ones of the Father of majesty came into being and were ordered: the angels, and powers, and princes, and authorities, even this world in which you exist, and the height, and depth, and length, and width. And there is otherwise nothing that exists outside the will of the Father of majesty or that has come to be without the' voice of life.' For this is my beloved Son, being sent of perfect love. This is the revealer of the secrets of the Father for his beloved ones, as it is fitting for them, and as they can receive by his gift of the Son. This is he who has told of new and perfect worlds for those who are persuaded and believe in him. This is the interpreter of wisdom and hidden mysteries. This is he who is the image and form of the Father of majesty, by whom he is always heard. This is the only begotten Son, perfecting all the will of his Father. This is the one who is not loved and honored as he deserves, because that world loves the darkness and it desires more than him. This is the one who was humbled and became a human being for the salvation of human beings so that they would not perish. He put on, by his will, a body, a humble form, that with it, he might slay death and take away the dominion of death, to give eternal life to those who love him and believe in him. This is the one in whose name signs and portents take place through his believers. This is the perfect Son, doing the will of he who sent him. This one is the way and the gate of light for those who enter by it. This is the one who is in everything and is named and spoken of above all. This is the bread of life that comes down from me for believers; he is the sower of the word of life, and he is the shepherd of truth who gives himself as ransom for his flock. He is the great priest who by his blood absolves the worlds; he is a drink of the vine of life. This is the one that you saw who is in many forms that appeared to you, but is not deprived of either my love or the person of his glory. And, no one exists over him or over his majesty to speak of how he is, except me, and I and he, we are one in unspeakable glory."


I pray this blesses you as much as it has blessed me!!