Thursday, April 4, 2013


Dear readers, 

I would invite you to pray for my brother who was involved in a very serious accident Monday night while shrimping off of a local bridge. He and two other young men were struck by an SUV traveling at 45mph. My brother was the only survivor. He is suffering from head injuries, burns, and a broken arm, but praise Yaweh he is alive and stable at this time. I am asking for a speedy healing, faith for his walk, and strength during this very difficult time. Also, as believers, we are called to intercede for the lost and suffering, and so I ask for prayers for the families of the two men that died as well as for the driver. Unfortunately, alcohol and texting were involved.  Please pray for their comfort and peace, and especially for the salvation of those who don't know Yeshua. It is amazing to watch our Father's hand of grace, even in the most traumatic situations. He is so good! Thank you so very much, and may the Creator of all keep you close to His heart, and shower you with His grace and mercy always, in Yeshua's name I pray, AMEN.