Sunday, September 15, 2013


Dear Readers,

I feel there needs to be a clarification from this last message from the Lord. When He speaks of the lines being drawn, He is stating that we have either accepted His offer of relationship, or we have not. We have picked the side we are on. It has always been our choice. Just as a parent will not continue warning a child in disobedience to stop, over and over again, the parent will come to a point when punishment must come as the child refuses to listen. It is the same with us. God has been warning and warning for so long now, yet most have hardened their hearts and refuse to repent. And so, judgement must come. When He speaks of 'fates being sealed', He is referring to the fact that the person individually has chosen where they want to spend eternity. He is ever merciful, it is the person's decision that will separate them from Him. During the 3 days of darkness, this 'Warning' that is coming, we will see the condition of our hearts as God sees us. In His mercy, there will still be an opportunity to choose Him. His message now yesterday is that He will no longer keep warning. He will allow the disobedient to live as they choose until this 'Warning' event, but the consequences will not be pleasant as He will give them over to that which they seek after.

I pray this helps you to understand what I feel the Lord was speaking about this separation that has been made.

In Him,