Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dear friends in Yeshua,

I wanted to post this update for all of my readers to let you all of know that my family and I have arrived safely in our new home that the Lord has provided for us in the mountains. It was a fantastic trip with no troubles, as the Lord's hand of protection was upon us the entire 14 hour drive. We are still getting settled in to this new sanctuary, and face many challenges, however, Yeshua continues to be our guiding force and strength through everything we do. He has not missed one detail in His provision, and He continues to place people in our path to assist us in securing this property for His Kingdom purposes. There is much work to do, and many physical structure needs, but we know without a doubt that He has ordained every step of this mission. First and foremost, we are in need of the finances to have a septic put in and water run from the fresh water spring up to the house. We are currently taking buckets and filling them in the springhouse and then carrying them to the house for washing, etc. The second most important need would be repair to the two large outbuildings on the sanctuary. Once again, financial help for supplies is needed to make these structures sound and  operable. Right now, this is our focus.

We want to extend our sincere and deepest gratitude to every single one of you reading this, for all you have done to assist us in this move and in getting settled here. We especially would ask that you would continue to keep us lifted up in prayer each day, we covet prayers more than anything! We keep all of you in our prayers daily as well as we read the Word and pray together each morning. We thank everyone as well who have been so very generous in donating financially to this ministry. We could not be here without you!

Lastly, I am having to wait quite a while to get my internet service at the property, it's been two weeks and we were told today it may be another week or more. There has never been service on this land before, so please continue to have patience with me as my cell phone service is sporadic at best and I have to come to town to the library to get internet so I will be delayed in responding to many of you through e-mails. I hope to be back on track very soon, Lord willing! I do feel we are getting very, very close to times when communication will be down for some time, and so we must all focus on keeping our LIFE-LINE with Yeshua grounded and secure regardless of whether of not we talk to each other. He will guide each one of us DIRECTLY in what He has purposed for us, and we are not to be in fear as events are upon us.

God bless every one of you and thank you from the bottom of your hearts again for supporting us and loving us as you have.

In Him always,
Julie and family