Monday, September 14, 2015


My dear family,

As we have just begun the Ten Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanah, 

Sep 14Tishri 1Rosh Hashana (New Year)
Sep 15Tishri 2Rosh Hashana II (New Year day 2)

-the countdown to Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, the Lord has spoken that I post this message that He gave me on August 9, 2015. Please, if you have not given your life completely to the Lord, if you have procrastinated in repenting, if you still have loved ones and friends in your life that you know you need to talk to, DO IT NOW. I cannot emphasize the urgency more, to be sealed by the Lord and under His protection before the ark door closes. He has been so incredibly merciful to wait, but what has been put in motion will not be stopped. We're talking about eternity for you and for all your loved ones. What else matters?? 

Speak to them this day daughter about their positions as over-comers, for all of those who seek Me with all of their hearts; I am always there to teach them and lead them and guide them in My ways. 

As heirs to My Throne, you share the same privileges as Yahushua My Son. Because you are in Him and He is in Me and I am in you, and none are separate, One Body, One Spirit in Me, not only do you have access as over-comers, to My Heavenly Throne and all it contains, and My vast and glorious Kingdom, but you share the same privileges as Yahushua My Son. 

To overcome is to walk in complete authority and power as it has been given to My Son and to you His brothers and sisters, His friends. To you it is given the heart understanding of what it means to live a victorious and miraculous life, physically residing in these, your bodily temples here, while yet spiritually eternal, residing with Me in My Kingdom.

 To walk as an over-comer, one will not be easily influenced by the cares of this world, nor vacillate due to changing situations or circumstances. Feelings and emotions will not steer My over-comer in any direction. For those who over-come have learned to master their soul-natures, and allow their spirit-man to rule their soul man. To over-come is to praise Me through the adversities of this life, giving Me the pains and the sufferings, the trials and tribulations, understanding that it is through these things that I teach you My ways, and feed you from My well. 

My over-comers are not tempted to compromise when the lures of this world are thrown at them, and the enemy seeks to tantalize through the senses. My over-comers stand their ground and will not back down because it is Me, the solid rock in which they stand that is their foundation.  They cannot be shaken and they cannot be moved and the powers of darkness shall not prevail over them. My over-comers rejoice in adversity for they understand that a deeper awareness of Me, and a greater intimacy is always achieved through the humbling and refining of My holy fire. 

To you, who I call My over-comers, it matters not if you are rich or poor, free or bound, for in all things, you glorify Me, and things of this world mean nothing to you. First and foremost, My over-comers will obey Me and not hesitate to respond when I call them. For you My chosen people, My royal nation, My priesthood and My set-apart ones, I am calling many of you out and away; for the time is upon you, where you will be used mightily, walking in the purposes for which you were born to walk out. For many, this means walking away from everything that has ever been familiar, for almost all, it means walking away from what has been comfortable. I will call you away from places of employment, from securities, and ties to this world. I will call you away from even your loved ones. For does it not say in My Word that you must forsake all else to follow Me? That you would take up your cross and follow Me regardless of the cost? 

My over-comers rise every morning, putting on their sword of truth through My holy Word, putting on the full armor of God, covering themselves with My robes of righteousness, and only accepting My will for their lives each day. My over-comers achieve a level of trust with Me like none other, like a small child has for its father and its mother, that by following the commands of that parent, no harm will come to that child. 

My over-comers have a peace that is exemplified in all they do, in all they say. It is evident in every word and every act. It is a peace beyond understanding and a peace that only I can give them, but a peace that must be attained in order that the victory is understood. 

Because My over-comers see all things through My lens, through My perspective, the Kingdom perspective, they are not moved or swayed by the forces of darkness in any way. They have learned to resist temptation and guard their hearts and minds through My Son Yahushua. Many are the promises that I give to all of those who come to this level of intimacy with Me for you will be seated in high places with My Son. Many are the privileges that I will bestow upon you for I honor those who serve Me in this way. 

I refuse no one who wishes to achieve this victory over their lives, for in My Son Yahushua and His sacrifice on the cross, the victory has already been won, the price has been paid-IT IS DONE. 

**The days grow ever shorter to make this choice, to be included, in this My group of over-comers.** 

Choose to walk in this victory today and I will show you great and glorious things. Rise to the occassion My children, rise so that you will be holy as I am holy and be found worthy to escape all that is upon you. 

Those who learn to overcome will do as My Son Yahushua did while He was on this earth. You will set the captives free, you will speak only what I speak, you will cast out demons and you will raise the dead. You will perform miracles and you will heal the sick, for you see you will be One heart in Me and in My Son and with Me, all things are possible. You will walk under the anointing that I place over every aspect of your lives. You will have come to be called My mature sons and daughters of God. I grant to you, each and every one of My overcomers these things. You are My pillars in the temple of the Holy, only True and Living God. 


Dear family of God,

The many, many changes on this earth have already begun.  Father in His infinite wisdom and mercy wishes for you to understand all that He is revealing in these end times. He has asked me to ask you to search out the scriptures for this message yourselves, to help grow you and mature you in your relationship with Him. All of these promises He gives us are found in His Holy Word. 

Forsake all else to follow Him for surely, our King is coming!