Monday, September 26, 2016


Dear family and friends,

Many things are being circulated on the internet about the timing of Father's judgments, some with scientific evidence as confirmation. We have been in a high-watch window this past week, and will continue to be now as the nearness of these judgments draws closer each day.

The Word teaches us to watch, wait, and pray, to be ever vigilant and sober, to keep our armor on, and  never let our guards down. We are to eagerly anticipate His coming every day, and remain in a state of grace at all times. Daily communing with Father is crucial.

I am led to post this so we will all keep our eyes Heavenward, and never cease praying and doing what we know to do to be prepared. We see through the glass dimly, but Father in His great mercy has warned us of many things to come. Do not be complacent and feel there is more time to be right with the Lord. The moment is NOW.

Also, please remember to dedicate an hour of prayer for the lost on our Prayer Watch calendar on the right, we still have many hours with Father in the Garden unattended. Thank you so much.