Monday, May 14, 2018


Dear friends in Yahushua!

My family and I are so very excited to announce our new additional website. It is called Global Prayer Warriors. Several months ago, Father gave me a detailed design of this site, a place where the body of believers can be united in Him closer than ever before through the most powerful weapon He has given us, PRAYER. 

Yahushua places great emphasis on the power of prayer through His remnant, in the words of the Bible, and has asked us together, to boldly come before His Throne and take action by faith in all He has taught us. Praying as One unified body is an extremely powerful means for us to do this. 

This site offers you the opportunity to post your prayer requests and petitions so that all those around the world can join as One in our Father and intercede for your intentions. On this site, you will also be able to let others know when you read and then pray for someone's requests, so everyone participating can be encouraged in knowing that others are praying for them. 

As Google has not yet indexed the site, please type, all small case and no spaces in the address bar or URL bar at the top of your search page.  If you do type in the search box on your browser, you will reach Global Prayer  This is another site and not related to Behold I Come.  

You will come to a page where you will see a form to register for the site. Please click ' Register ' at the bottom of the form and you will be brought to a page where you can input a user name and      e-mail. Please then read the Statement of Beliefs (so that we know we are all in one accord). Check the Agree to the Statement of Beliefs box below your username and e-mail. You will then be directed to your e-mail to click on a link to set up your password. 
The site theme does this as a security measure. 

After you set your password, return to the login page and type in your username or e-mail and your password.  You will then be brought to your individual profile page.  Choose your color scheme for your profile and save it.  This feature is a part of the Wordpress theme and we thank you for your patience with all of these steps.

Once you have completed these steps, go to the top lefthand corner of the page and click on Global prayer warriors home icon.  This will bring you to the Home page where you will see a Welcome message written for you, as well as an mp3 message at the bottom of the Home page to provide you with a description of what Father has revealed to me for this site, as well as the guidelines for this site. There is a short testimony I have given on the top right column for anyone who is not familiar with the Behold I Come ministry.

Across the top of the page, under the Father's Messages tab, you will first find Urgent needs to pray for. This will be posted as the Ruach HaKodesh leads, related to current world events or issues.

Under Urgent Prayer needs, there is a drop down tab where I will post Father's additional revelation and insight from His heart and messages to encourage you in your prayer time. Next you will find Words of Encouragement which are short messages and teachings about prayer and areas of our prayer life to motivate and strengthen us. Even as the Bride, sanctification and growth are continual in our relationship with Yahushua.

The next tab across the top of the page is titled Prayers. Here is where you will be able to submit your prayer request and also find many powerful prayers. (You may choose to remain anonymous in your post if you wish. You will need to type in your first and last name, however, so that we as administrators know who has submitted the prayer request, but if you check the anonymous box, your name will not be shown on the public prayer request.) Once your prayer is submitted you will receive a confirmation and message saying your prayer will be posted publicly once a moderator has reviewed the request. We will do our best to approve prayer requests as quickly as possible.  All prayer requests will be shown for 90 days and then archived. If you would like your prayer request to continue beyond 90 days, then you will need to resubmit.  We encourage you also to submit praise reports through the prayer request box, as Father answers our prayers.

To the right of the Prayers tab is the tab for 'Beliefs, ' where you will find our Statement of Beliefs and Site Guidelines.  The next tab is The Prophecy tab where you will find links to the blog, as well as the youtube videos. There is an mp3 link here for additional messages and mp3 recordings.

We have also included our 24-hour prayer watch global calendar on the righthand bar under My Testimony. This is a place where you may sign up to be a prayer intercessor for the lost who do not know Yahushua. The e-mail for signing up is found in the Welcome message on the Home page. If you would like to sign up to pray for one hour a week with Father in The Garden, please  send an e-mail request, mentioning the time slot when you would like to pray and your location to and a moderator will be in touch. The purpose of this calendar is to be obedient to what Father has asked us in that at least one of His children would be praying with Him for the lost every hour of every day, 7 days a week. It's up to all of us to keep every hour covered in prayer for the lost. (This is also anonymous, only requesting city/state or country of origin.)

For those of you who are interested, there is a box on the right column that explains how we are to pray biblically. Under that box, we have provided more information on how to pray scripture. You will find a link to under this icon which helps you to find the specific scriptures by topic or category. 

Lastly on the right column at the bottom you will find a letter for the hard to reach that Father has given me to share with everyone. It is a printable letter for those who are hard to reach- those loved ones you have tried to witness to, co-workers, or neighbors who need salvation. We encourage you to copy this letter and send it to everyone you can. Faith without works is dead!

This site will be expanded as well, in Father's timing, and as He leads.  Please have patience with us. This is a new endeavor and like the Youtube channel, we are doing all we can as we progress up the learning curve.  If you have site-related or technical questions, please fill out the contact form under the Contact link at the top of the page. 

We have a prayer team that will always be lifting up every prayer. We would appreciate your prayers and covering for this site so that we can move forward in all that Father has called us to do for His Kingdom. 

Thank you for all your support and prayers, and thank you for joining us in this new endeavor from Father! May more and more souls be saved through the answered prayers we know will be a result of such a unified effort from Yahushua's remnant. May Yahuah bless you and keep you until He comes for us.

Julie and family 

*We have put together a youtube video as well to explain the new site and how to register for those who would find that helpful.