Sunday, August 12, 2018


This message was received on August 4, 2018. It happened during a conversation I was having about family members being together in Heaven. As Father often will, He began speaking right in the middle of the conversation, commenting on what we had been talking about!!! He is amazing, and my love grows for Him moment by moment... At times I can hardly stand the anticipation of what it will be like to be in His presence for eternity... I am truly in love with My King and filled with so much excitement for His arrival!!

While He was imparting this, I was being shown how we were dancing and laughing with our beautiful King and experiencing so much joy in His presence!

Although this was a private word at the time, since praying this past week about this message, I have received confirmation that this will encourage many people and I am to post it. 

I rarely speak anything personal on these posts, as I desire with all my heart that you hear, see and experience Yahushua, Our Father and His Holy Spirit only- deep speaking unto deep. However, this time I want to share a bit. I want to encourage you and give you hope. 

Do you remember when Yahushua told us not so long ago in one of His messages that we would know how close He was because our spirits would know? He said we would have experiences and manifestations that were not like before, and He would make Himself known to those who walk with Him. He is ever so close now.. as He is showing me things and manifesting in ways He has not done before. 

His presence at times comes in like a rush, and more often than not, I am seeing and feeling Him in the spirit right next to me on my right side. I have always felt Him with me, and knew He was there, but things have shifted very recently. He is much more present now than before, and He is openly conversing with me throughout my days. He is telling me to look for His gifts that are everywhere, and He is about to shower His Bride with blessings like never before. I can see Him in the spirit smiling on many days, and sometimes I now see Him laughing for joy.. He's so excited to come for His Bride!!! 

When Father is present, there is a kind of rush in my spirit that then will manifest in my whole body. He usually draws close and then moves back a bit, but now He is standing on my right side and He is so close that I sense Him breathing in my ear. I can describe it as when someone comes up behind you. You sense the person, but you don't yet see them. This is happening more and more, and My spirit has shifted up, like shifting from 4th to 5th gear, to a higher vibration... It's wonderful but it is no wonder it's sometimes hard to sleep!! 

I pray you are blessed as I share this experience with you.


YAHUSHUA speaks:

Yes! You will be together with Me always, and you will also be doing other things for Me as well. You are My kings and My priests, and because of your knowledge and revelation and understanding here, you will be brought directly to Me and be side by side with Me. You will govern over much, as you have been given much responsibility because of your obedience here. This experience here on earth is only the tip of the iceberg! You have only scratched the surface of the beginning of your journey with Me into eternity, into love itself!

When you arrive in heaven, We will dance and play.. yes, PLAY! and laugh and rejoice together, oh, We will have so much fun! You have never known fun and happiness like you will have here when We come together in My Kingdom. I wish you would be laughing and jumping for joy at what I am about to do!!

I am the complete and ultimate expression of love. I am comprised of total and perfect love. My love is eternal and My love is limitless, ever-expanding and all encompassing. When I bring you from this temple and you are transformed, you will enter into My perfect love without the curse of this fallen nature, and from there you will ever be drawn and carried from one aspect of My love to another aspect, the very essence of My being, each time being fully immersed into a higher and deeper capacity within your spirit to be absorbed into this love. Hence My words, I move you from glory to glory.

In Me, and in all My creation breathed forth from the very essence of who I AM, there is only love. Love is everything. Love is all things. Everything in My Kingdom feeds from the depths of My great love for My creation. Love is what holds each one together as One, because in Me, there is no separation. All are One. All is love. All that comprises My Kingdom is driven by My love, fed by My love, nurtured in My love, held together with My love. So you see, you who walk with Me now have already entered into this great mystery! I have already begun the process in you, moving you from glory to glory. I have given you access here and now, and as I pour out My Spirit now in these last days, you will be given the experience of My Kingdom here in your temple on earth before I bring you home!

Be at complete peace My love, and be filled with such anticipation and great joy, as you have already had the door opened unto you so that you may enter fully in! The mysteries of My Kingdom will be known and given unto you. You are My ambassadors of light and love! Come up! Come up now! Love and be loved...