Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Hello again family in Yahushua,

Father has put it on my heart to write a short note regarding the latest warfare prayer that was posted. Any time believers who are walking in obedience to Father's commandments come into agreement to pray, it is extremely powerful. It also has a profound and powerful effect in the spiritual realm, therefore the enemy will without a doubt, be thwarted in many areas of attack against Yahuah's people. We must be extra diligent, cautious, and discerning as we step out each day when we are praying this way, as oftentimes, the enemy will strike back even harder than before in an attempt to discourage, distract, or even harm us so that we will not persevere and continue to warfare pray. I am led to ask you to anoint yourselves, your loved ones, and your dwelling places and transportation once again, being extra cautious in your travel, and most aware of your surroundings as you keep your armor tightly fastened. This is a war, and we cannot let our guard down, even in the slightest of ways lest the enemy gain access to our lives again, once he has been told to permanently leave. 

My prayers are with all of you as we come together as One heart in Yahushua, anchoring His love, light, authority and power in this realm until He comes for us. 

Love and shalom,