Tuesday, November 19, 2019


It has been brought to my attention that some are questioning spiritual warfare prayers and the absolute priority of Yahushua's remnant to be on the offensive now and aggressively take a stand against the enemy. The last prayer I posted was taken from a site that I do not confirm or support, however, the prayer itself is valid and the words are scriptural. I have Yahushua's confirmation and permission for everything that I post here on my site. I test the spirits of absolutely EVERYTHING and make available as many tools as I can here for the remnant to continue this fight in the spirit, that we would be effectual in the power of praying scripture and His words.  My prayer is that more people wake up to the fact that the church as a whole is weak, and will not stand against the enemy in these last days unless it actively learns the tactics of the enemy and is taught by Yahushua how to pray against them. You cannot consider yourself a part of the remnant and His elect if you are still taking milk and not meat. Please, take this fight seriously, it's the fight for your souls.