Sunday, February 9, 2020


Dear friends in Yahushua,

We will be removing our YouTube channel due to the new policy changes the last day of this month, Feb. 29, 2020, so please make sure you have bookmarked the new site, All of our videos have been moved to Brighteon and can be accessed there at any time. We will also be closing the Global Prayer Warriors site effective Feb. 29, 2020. We will continue to use as the main site to post Yahushua's messages, but please bookmark our back-up site in the event that the powers that be remove this site as well. Without my knowledge, the last message I posted was removed, and I had to re-publish it so it is only a matter of time before this site may disappear as well. Please, there is so much crucial information from Yahushua's messages as well as prayers we have posted on this site. Take the time to print the information while you still can, as well as download the messages and prayers if you have that capability. We will continue to post the messages until it becomes impossible to do so. -- backup blog site and type in Behold I Come in the search box

Thank you again to all who faithfully support this ministry, we need your help to continue this work and we are so grateful for your generous hearts. 


Julie and family

P.S. - Please print the PDF copy of Father's messages so that you have them in hardcopy form.  DVDs of Father's video messages and the link is on the righthand side of the blog page. You can also still order the hard copies of the DVD's using the link provided.