Friday, May 21, 2021


*Please pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for interpretation and discernment as always*


March 24, 2021

I dreamed I was in the Phillipines. I was working as a custodial attendant at a large outdoor park of some sort with public restrooms and facilities like large locker rooms would be here. I was cleaning when I suddenly felt a huge rumble. I walked out front of the building I was in and looked out. I saw a monstrous wave from the ocean barreling towards the shore where I was. I then heard people screaming and saw them start running. I knew that the wave was coming far too fast to be able to escape it. I said my prayer of repentance and stood watching, and waiting for the tsunami to hit. End of dream.

April 20, 2021

I dreamed I was a part of a traveling group of young students who were being led by a youth pastor in training seminars around the world. The pastor was instructing the group how to do spiritual deliverance on those with demonic oppression or possession. The pastor had step by step method on how the deliverance was to be done and his method was on paper, each student having a handout while watching him. 

The first place we visited, a young woman came up to the pastor for deliverance. The pastor was very adamant at instructing the students never to look at the person that needed delivered, and to stay a good distance away from them, around 10-15 feet possibly. As I watched his 'method', nothing he was saying had any affect on the young women and his prayers and scripture were completely ineffectual in delivering her. He did not speak with authority, and did not have a command of the Word of God. 

The woman simply stared straight ahead and waited for the pastor to finish. When his 'deliverance' was complete, he turned to the group and said, "so you see, this is how it is to be done". The young woman who had come to be delivered just turned around and walked away. I was shocked, and realized immediately that his 'method' was not because of the Holy Spirit, and the protocol had not delivered the young woman. The next place we traveled, the same thing occurred,  a young woman again was the first in line to see the pastor, and he proceeded to apply his 'method',  which was again, completely useless. 

This time, I felt thunder rise up in my spirit and I marched very boldly towards the woman. I stood directly in front of her face and the Father's voice roared out of me as commanded with scripture,  a very deep, authoritative and powerful voice, for the demons to leave the woman and emphatically pronounced who Yahushua was, applied His blood to her and watched her convulse and manifest powerful demonic manifestations as the demons screeched and left her body. Immediately after, the young woman changed countenance and became like a different person in demeanor, she was incredibly calm and peaceful, and I could see the Spirit of God come over her and wash her clean. I turned to the group of students watching and said to them, "now that's how a deliverance is done" and then I woke up. I know in the dream I was transformed, and had the full indwelling of Father's Spirit within, and that this is one of many things the transformed first fruit group will be doing as mighty exploits for the Lord all across the earth. 

April 22, 2021

I had a dream of a young woman who walked in front of me, and I saw in the spirit a hideous looking demon manifest behind her. He was very tall, maybe 7 or 8 feet, reptilian-like in appearance, with spines all over his body and large sharp teeth. He came up behind her and just began morphing himself into her back, all the while she was completely unaware. I quickly came right up to the demon and again, the thunderous voice of God the Father came out of my voice and I commanded the demon to leave her and scripture was pouring out of my mouth like thunder. The demon creature instantly vaporized in front of me. Just like in the previous dream, I knew I had been transformed and could operate in a manner I had not been able to previously, seeing into the spirit everywhere I went. 

April 27, 2021

I was visiting a church and the service was non-denominational, but was a gathering of many different types of leaders and teachers from the various religions. There were pastors, priests, and elders of all backgrounds. There was a stage set up front and the building held several hundred chairs for the congregation. As I took my seat and waited for the 'service' to begin, I was confused at the lack of reverence that was being shown by all the leaders up front. There were people laughing and joking, telling stories, looking at videos on their phones, all types of things, all the while, a young man was supposedly preparing to start a sermon of some sort. 

Suddenly, some music started playing loudly and I realized it was some type of contemporary hip hop beat, meant to engage the crowd which it did. Then when the song finished, the young man arrogantly cleared his throat and said into the microphone, "let's say a prayer". The so-called prayer was nothing more than a jumbled up mixture of words that didn't make any sense. He then said he would recite the scripture reading of the day. He opened a large book, it was not the bible, and then proceeded to ramble something that sounded like scripture but was not. It had enough of the phrases mixed in that people would recognize but it was definitely not the Word of God. Then he closed the book and laughed and called for one of the priests to come up and give a sermon. Again, the man spoke but nothing that came out of his mouth had anything to do with God, but words were interjected into the 'sermon' to make it sound like a teaching of some sort. I could not make any sense of any of it, and the congregants were not paying any attention to any of it. People were talking, eating and drinking in the rows of seats, sharing things on their phones, little children running all over the place. There were even people passing around their pets. This continued as various teachers and pastors came up and spoke when it came to be their turn.

 I was horrified, and didn't understand why the lack of respect and what was really happening here. I quickly make the decision to leave, and marched out of the building into the parking lot. What I found was equally disturbing, as the entire front of the 'church' has been transformed into a food and drink venue, adorned with umbrellas, lights, decorations like you would see along a city street, signs, music, balloons, all kinds of recreational things to draw people's attention. There were booths set up all along the front of the building that was supposed to be a church, with various food and drink vendors selling all types of cuisine. Priests and pastors fully dressed in their formal 'church' attire were hanging out all over the place, laughing and carrying on and actually drinking alcohol as well. I was more stunned. 

I felt the righteous justice of God overflowing in me and wanted to directly confront some men in front of me that happened to be actually bishops and cardinals in the Catholic religion but as I stated, there were all different types of religions represented there. As soon as I got close to the men and opened my mouth to speak, I heard the Father say very clearly in my spirit, " DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM, THEY ARE WHITE-WASHED TOMBS AND ARE DEAD INSIDE, THEY WILL NOT HEAR YOU." At that point, I left the area as quickly as I could. End of dream.

28Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

My oldest daughter's prophetic dreams below, in her words:

Joel 2:27-29 KJV

27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

Atonement Day Celebration

April, 2021

I “awoke” in a beautiful log house, with an old timey feel. There were knick-knacks everywhere, but more like well crafted decorations, figurines and clocks. I was confused a bit as to where I was but I decided to walk around and look at this house. After a few minutes of doing so I felt lost in the amount of “treasures”, that the owner of this house had collected. I heard some commotion outside, and went to the door and walked out. I was on a nice suburban street, the houses were close together but I saw no cars. People were walking all in one general direction, happy, talking. I stopped a woman in a sundress who was almost skipping her way along with the crowds, and asked her what was going on.

“It’s atonement day!” She said with excitement, but also seemed confused that I wasn’t aware.

“Everyone’s going, you should come!”

She then walked off. I followed a few young adults a couple blocks to where this “festival” of sorts was. I saw past the ticket booth many tents and vendors, none looked extremely modern though. A few attractions but mostly I heard music and laughter, lots of people talking around me. Everyone ahead of me was being let in, once it came to my turn I walked up to the gruff looking man at the ticket booth. He was wearing traditional celebratory Israeli clothing. 

“I’m not sure what I need to get in?” I asked

“Well if you don’t have a ticket then you’re not supposed to be here yet.” He replied rather annoyed.

“What do you mean I’m ‘not supposed to be here’?” I was confused and it sounded so fun in there, I definitely wanted to get in.

He scanned a large book in front of him, flipped a few pages with his pen and said “Nope, not in here. You’re not ready to be here yet. NEXT!”

I began to argue that I simply didn’t know what that meant, and he said 

“This happens every once in a while, and it really irritates me. Somebody will just show up who isn’t ready to be here, and then somebody like me’s got to tell them. I’m sorry but you’re not in the book, so you don’t get in.”

I tried to ask what he meant yet again but he waved me off. I walked back to the crowd, feeling I had overstepped, and was disappointed. 

I then woke up.

The Ark’s

April, 2021

I was not myself in this dream, I felt like I was in the room but not a part of the story or what was going on. I saw a mother gathering a few things in a small bag, with her child who was maybe 2. It was dusk, and there was a lot of loud talking, crying, and yelling going on in the street below. It was a crowded city area. Her husband was clearly upset, and they both looked scared. I then felt like I was overlooking this city, and I saw a massive ark-like structure in a park area, like you would picture Noah’s ark to look like. People were lined up in crowds for probably miles to get to these ark’s, there were more than just one. I saw them placed in different areas all over the city, which in itself was quite large, like New York sized. At the front of these ark’s doorways were men dressed in tunics, with a feather pen and scroll, checking names and very stoically turning away ones whose names were not on said scroll. I could see the panic and anguish on the faces of those who were turned away, and mothers sobbing as they were giving up their children. All children were being taken, along with a select few men and women, of all accountable ages. I would say maybe 1 in 25 people were being taken into these ark’s. The children were being taken in with an assigned caretaker, all of which seemed like a heavenly being in human form, the children were not in the least bit upset or scared. I was then shown the mother and father from the first scene, as the mother and child were taken into the ark, the husband’s name was not on the scroll and I saw the man in the tunic shake his head and put his hand out to stop him. The husband fell to his knees and started begging, and the words to a song I know were what he said.

“Take me to the church I’ll pray and I’ll pray! Take me to the river and I’ll wash my sins away! I’ll dance in the waters there, I’ll hardly come up for air. For in the waters of new life I will be found, and all the world is right.”

I then woke up.

Dystopian Town

May, 2021

I was in a small town that reminded me of a poor area from the early 1940’s, nothing had been updated, it clearly was a poverty stricken area. I was with my husband, his best friend, and my young daughter (who is 5 in real life) at a house that wasn’t ours, and matched the poverty I saw outside. My daughter was happily playing, being her normal joyful self, whereas I was very uncomfortable, things were not well in the world, in fact they were very bad. I felt a heavy darkness, and fear. My husband was playing a video game with his best friend, I was watching my daughter play, when I noticed some men strolling down the street, who acted like they controlled the area. They had an evil air to them, they reeked of ego and seemed to love having control over this rundown area. I then began to realize that the area we were in was in lock-down, and everything was controlled. We were not allowed to leave our personal properties, but it appeared no one wanted to be outside anyway. My husband and his friend did not seem to care much, or worry like I did. I was glad my daughter wasn’t affected by any of this, but typing this still gives me anxiety over what I was witnessing and feeling inside. It progressed to night time, and there were drones flying around outside. If you looked at the lights that the drones flashed into the sky, you would be wiped of all empathy, morals, and godliness that you may have had, if you were not strong in faith. It was meant for control, nothing would matter to you anymore. My husband, his friend and I all went to the door to see what was happening, and all looked at the lights. I was not affected, nor was my daughter. I noticed my husband seemed to go dim, and he shrugged and walked away, and started a conversation with his friend, both again seemed unfazed and almost rowdy. I then saw a woman who looked very ill walking towards the house we were in. I instantly knew I needed to leave this place. She came into the house, I hid my daughter in a closet, again she was not upset, seemed almost divinely preoccupied in her own world and was not affected in the least. The woman walked in the house and was dazed, her eyes were glazed over and she was clearly long gone mentally. She was dripping blood from her mouth, and I knew in my spirit she was a cannibal. Though scared, I tried to get my husband to leave, but he shrugged me off and acted like he didn’t notice this woman. I managed to avoid her and went to get my daughter. I was determined to leave. I left the house, and was not stopped, I didn’t see anyone on my way down the road. I heard sirens, explosions, and it felt very apocalyptic. 

All the sudden it flashed to early morning, I’m not sure how. I walked to the end of a road to what looked like a very old abandoned supermarket. There was a group of ragged looking people, some with children, in makeshift tents. My daughter went to go play with some of the kids, who though looked like they’d been homeless a long time, again did not seem bothered and were happy and playing. I went to talk to a friendly looking woman, and we talked about how we were going to get out of the city and what was to happen next, where to go. I suddenly realized I hadn’t seen my daughter for a time and I panicked, and ran off in the direction I was told they went. Only to find them around the corner in a wooded patch playing by a small creek. I was instantly relieved and watched them for a moment. I felt such sadness, grief and fear. I was in pain, my heart ached. I turned to go back to the camp site and then woke up.