Sunday, June 13, 2021


 Hello family in Yahushua!

Thank you for all your support through cards and letters, donations and resources and for all your prayers! We are truly blessed to come along side of you in this great endeavor for the King! 

We need to update you as to the platform we have been using for  9 years now, This is the message we have received concerning all the email subscriptions:

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FollowByEmail widget (Feedburner) is going away 
You are receiving this information because your blog uses the 
FollowByEmail widget (Feedburner). 
Recently, the Feedburner team released a system update 
announcement , that the email subscription service will be discontinued in July 2021. 
After July 2021, your feed will still continue to work, but the automated emails to your subscribers will no longer be supported. If you’d like to continue sending emails, you can download your subscriber contacts.

Because we have so many thousands of subscribers, after looking into how we could manually send the email notifications when messages are posted, we have decided that it is going to be much to labor intensive to take this step, and therefore we are asking that after this month of June, 2021, you will continue coming to the site directly and checking for new messages from Yahushua, as you will not be receiving any email notifications to update you when a new message is published. We apologize for this inconvenience, but pray all of you will continue to keep checking as you are led and sharing the messages with everyone you can while there is still a second of time left. We have decided not to start another site on another platform as at this point, being so late in the hour, it will only distract us from taking care of the priorities that Father has placed before us. 

You are all in our daily prayers and we are so grateful for all of your prayers for our family! Stay strong dear ones and keep looking up, the King is coming so very soon!

Love and shalom,

Julie and family