Thursday, January 4, 2018


Vision received Dec. 28, 2017

I was out in the country, a great distance from populated areas with a medium sized group of people. All my family was there, along with some familiar people from the town I live in, and some I did not recognize at all. 

I suddenly realized that Yahushua was in this place with us, and He was talking individually with people. I was frantic to get to Him, and ran to where I knew in my spirit He was. He was talking with a young man in a room sitting at a table. I stood just outside of the door which was open, not wanting to interrupt, but desperately wanting my turn with Father! Yahushua was light-hearted and smiling, laughing and at ease talking with this young man. I could hear His voice as He was talking and was so curious as to what He would talk about with me. 

When He was done, He stood up and came out the door towards me. I thought I would explode from the excitement of not only seeing Him so closely, but now having the opportunity to hug Him! It has been my heart's desire since, well, forever for me! As He saw me, He smiled and closed His eyes and sighed "aahh," as I lunged for Him, and He wrapped me up very tightly. I literally felt myself melting into Him, and I knew Our hearts were One and Our spirits were merged. He held me for the longest time, and everything else in the world simply evaporated and ceased to exist, all in an instant. He gently stroked my head and softly whispered, "You know it's going to be alright." The peace and sense of security was indescribable. I was home, and I knew the unconditional, eternal love from my King and Messiah. Finally, after several long minutes that I didn't want to ever end, He released me and asked me to walk back outside with Him because He had things to show me. 

We walked back to the hill where I originally found myself at the beginning of the vision, and He pointed to the ground in front of us and said, "Watch this." Just then, the ground opened up and became a very large pool of sorts, beautiful, shimmering, pure as crystal and what is most closely described in our terms as a 'royal bluish metallic liquid' undulating back and forth. There aren't words to describe the texture or characteristics other than supernatural and unlike anything of this world. He then said, "get in" and He dove into the water Himself. As He came up, He was laughing and then told me to follow. I went in and instantly felt the weight of my body as well as all the cares of this world suddenly disappear, and I was flooded with a peace and sense of security and love once again that is not like anything I've ever experienced here in this world. I was full of joy, light and energized, strengthened and more alert in my mind than ever before. 

Yahushua gave me the understanding in my spirit that this was not my complete transformation, but rather the outpouring of strength that is coming very soon to His remnant people to prepare us for what is upon us, before He brings us home. The others I was with were coming now and everyone started to immerse themselves in this pool of living water. He then got out of the water, completely dry, and asked me to do the same as He pointed towards the sky. He said to me, "Now, watch this." There were very disturbing sounds like groaning and gates creaking and metal bending under the earth, and the earth started shaking.  At the same time, I heard a distressing sound in the atmosphere, most closely resembling an explosion of sorts, but nothing like what we know as a conventional weapon here. The atmosphere was 'morphing' and it somehow seemed as if the elements were melting or fusing and the thought instantly came to me that this was some type of nuclear event, although I am not certain exactly what this was. Then black smoke filled the air, as I saw fire and the smoke filling the entire sky around us, very, very quickly turning the day into almost night. 

Yahushua gave me the understanding again, without the need for words, but through my heart, that the immersion in the pool was His gift to His people who are His Bride to prepare us for what we will experience for a short time before we are completely transformed and brought home. He allowed me to know that we will experience destructive events, and He also told me that many, many people will die. I sensed His sadness at how many, and how unprepared they will be when they die, because they did not heed His warnings to prepare, nor did they accept Him as their Messiah. Those that are His, however, will be protected under the shelter of His wings, and He will be walking through this with us. The events I'm told will happen extremely quickly, as He has spoken and prepared us for in many other messages. 

I then wanted to ask Him if this event He had just showed me was the event that brings about the three days of darkness, and He shook His head, no. This was a separate event, and this one He showed me was the first to occur. The arrival of a planetary body bringing about the darkness is a separate event/judgment. He told me again, as He has in the past, that during these three days of darkness when the planetary body arrives, the Bride will experience the complete transformation, and those who have been ordained to stay and minister for a short time will do so after this transformation. His Bride then comes home to the Kingdom, as His wrath will be poured out upon the earth. 

His last words to me were, "All these things are here, upon you, but I am also here with you always and will carry you through it all."

End of dream.

As with anything, please take this to Father and pray for discernment, revelation and interpretation. 



*Note* Please check back in as I am working on posting another message with video that I received December 21, 2017.