Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 Hello friends in Yahushua,

We are asking that as things are escalating quicker and quicker every day, you would please seriously and prayerfully consider helping in any way you can with the needs we have placed on our sanctuary list. Directly to the right of the site on the top you will see the urgent sanctuary needs. Any and all help is most greatly appreciated. We can not do this task alone, and you have been more than gracious over the years in helping to supply the needs here with all Father has called us do but we are truly running out of time to get things in. The supplies lines for certain items is already collapsing. Thank you so very much, for all that has already been done and sent by each and every one of you, and for those who will come forward now. May Yahuah greatly bless and reward you all for your assistance and your prayers for us. 

Blessings and the King's shalom,

Julie and family

Any questions can be sent to